Consulting Rosarians

What is a consulting rosarian (CR)?

A CR is a member of the American Rose Society who is dedicated to educating and assisting anyone interested in growing roses. Basically, CRs become CRs because they love roses; they love talking about roses and sharing what they know about roses with everyone! They are the best people to ask about what works and which roses grow well in your area, and any other rosy question you may have.

Cindy Rogers – 530 342-5247

Fair Oaks
Cindy Phipps  916 420-0344,

Granite Bay
Sue Bennett   916 791-9459,

Duane & Melody Carlson  916 791-7607,

Judy Frederick  916 791-2712,

Phyllis Smith   916 791-3569,

Baldo Villegas   916 710-1089, sactorose@gmail.con

Debbie Arrington   916 392-8278

Pam Myczek   916 452-1025

David Coop   916 276-0170,

Linda Knowles   916 622-1152,

Ernie & Sue Magill   916 772-0324,

Charlotte Owendyk   916 786-7230,

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